Why Mega?

Choosing Mega as gas and electricity provider means sharing our values!

We are sustainably cheaper


By fostering new technologies, staying close and listening to its customers, Mega is able to offer transparent prices, among the cheapest on the market, while still guaranteeing a pro-active and personal customer service.

Contrary to most energy suppliers on the market, Mega does not make temporary "offers". This short-term-vision is not benefiting the customers. Mega follows a unique long-term-strategy: no temporary offers , but lastingly cheaper prices, today and in the future.

The lower running-costs, as well as our optimised and less greedy margins are the recipe to our sustainably cheaper prices.

By choosing Mega, you can save sustainably on your bills!

We are local, we are Belgians


Mega is an alternative to multinationals and other companies from the energy-sector. We cannot stand the fact that more than 80% of Belgian customers are provided with energy by foreign suppliers, or by suppliers that are mainly held by foreign shareholders (EDF-Luminus, Electrabel, Eni, Essent, Eneco etc.).

 Mega was created in 2013 by Belgian entrepreneurs who cared about the environment. The company is based in Liège and supports the local economy.

We are dynamic and at your service


We spend our energy on offering qualitative services! We are involved in straightforward billing, without surprises, a customer service that helps you anytime and is always available. You want to talk to us? With Mega there are no long waiting-minutes on the phone with questionable music… You can mention you want us to call you, in the "Call me back" -tab and we will handle the rest!

You can also easily join us via e-mail, through our chat, our Facebook or Twitter-account. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Our energy is green, our approach even more


By becoming a Mega-customer, you help us fight climate change, as we avoid any excessive paper use, so we can provide you with 100% green electricity!

Each producer of renewable energy (wind or solar energy etc.) receives for every injected MWh (1000 kWh) on the network a guarantee-of-origin-label, that confirms the “green” origin of the energy. This energy is delivered to you through the network and its green origin is not directly identifiable, but Mega buys the guarantee labels from its customers as to proof, that the electricity is 100% green and hands them to controllers.

Our electricity can thus be qualified as being "100% green“, just like that of many other suppliers on the market. To be honest, we do not agree entirely with this system, as the electricity of some suppliers is not as green as they pretend. Many Belgian suppliers say their electricity is 100% green, while investing their money in carbon or nuclear energy or simply never invest in renewable energy, because it is sufficient to buy a few guarantee-of-origin-labels each year to make grey electricity green.

We are free and transparent


Our wish is to offer sustainably cheaper energy, with the best customer care. You are not satisfied? You have the right to terminate your contract at any given time without termination costs* and we will guide you through these steps.

Contrary to some other suppliers, our products have nothing to hide. You can choose any contract you want (variable or fixed, for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years), you will always win, as our margins are as low as possible.

*This applies to personal and business customers, with an annual consumption of less than 50 MWh (for electricity) and less than 100 MWh (for gas) for all supply points.

We are MEGA, we are online



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